I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio before attending Miami University to earn my bachelor's degree in history and political science.  Like most humanities majors, I struggled to find my calling after graduation and decided to spend the next year performing on board a cruise ship as part of an a cappella quartet. (Fair warning: you'll catch me singing along to whatever playlist you have going throughout your wedding day!) While I had a blast and wouldn't trade this experience for the world, it left me wanting to make a greater impact on the world around me. Upon completing our contract, I returned to Miami to earn my master's degree and spent the next decade teaching students, writing social studies curriculum, and coaching other teachers. 

Ohio Wedding Photographer, Proud Husband and Father, OutDoor Enthusiast, and Avid Sports Fan 

Meet Brad


My life was transformed in the fall of 2016 while I was living and teaching in Houston, Texas. At a kickoff event for the upcoming school year, I met the loveliest, most engaging woman. Following the conclusion of the event, I introduced myself, and we started chatting. We decided to grab dinner at one of my favorite restaurants and were so absorbed in conversation we didn't realize it was midnight and the restaurant was closing. We still weren't ready to part ways, though, and continued talking in the parking lot until 2 AM. Needless to say, we were both hooked, and 15 months later we were married.  

At that moment, I not only became a husband, I also became a step-dad to Frida's 10 year old son, Diego. Learning to be both a good husband and a supportive step-dad to a budding adolescent forced me to become a better man and taught me that family is earned and chosen as much as it is biological.  

Fast forward to 2020, and our lives were transformed yet again. A day after news of the spread of the Covid pandemic in New York began to sound the alarm across the country, we found out that we were pregnant with our beautiful daughter, Isabella. Words cannot describe the combination of fear, awe, pride, inspiration, and humility I felt. We spent the next 9 months trying to protect our little girl while at the same time attempting to celebrate each milestone along the way. Come November, and I became a father, this time to a lovely little girl who has shown me that one's capacity to love is limitless.  

17 months later, we discovered that we were pregnant yet again, this time to a beautiful baby boy, Jonathan. This time around, the pregnancy was much more enjoyable, as we were able to visit with friends and family and I was able to accompany Frida to her appointments. Most importantly, we were gifted with a little man whose bright eyes, inquisitive nature, and infectious giggle make every day an adventure.  

Core Values

Core Values

Core Values

According to the EPA, transportation is the single greatest producer of greenhouse gas emissions, and this doesn’t account for the emissions produced in the production of the cars people drive. In an effort to reduce my own carbon footprint as well as that of my family, we invested in e-bikes that we use for our daily transportation needs. Two of the three were purchased used, again to reduce the carbon footprint associated with the use of these bikes. I also recently purchased in a Burley cargo trailer that enables me to transport my photography equipment to weddings, engagement sessions, and family photo shoots.

Environmental Stewardship


When possible, I prioritize purchasing equipment from certified B corporations. Peak Design is one of my favorites. In addition to being a B Corp, they're a 1% For The Planet member, prioritize using recycled materials, and warranty their products for life in order to reduce the amount of goods ending up in landfills. Warranty claims are sent back to the company, repaired when possible, and resold at a discount while still retaining the same lifetime warranty granted to new Peak Design products.

Gear Acquisition Syndrome is a thing, especially for photographers. That shiny new lens and advanced new camera beckons, but the result of this is that plenty of people get rid of beautiful gear that has years of life left in it. As the environmental impact of purchasing used gear is dramatically reduced compared to new gear, I've prioritized purchasing used cameras and lenses in like-new condition. Currently all of my lenses were purchased used along with one of my two full-frame Sony camera bodies. 

Wedding Portfolio

The unexpected, intimate moments that take place on a wedding day tell the story of a beautiful marriage. Are you ready to tell your story?


An image is only as powerful as the experience behind it, the memory it brings to mind, and the emotion it elicits. See how we craft a boutique experience for each couple. 

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