Homestead Metro Park Engagement | Kristin and Justin

I love creating personalized engagement experiences for couples.  The location, time of day, kinds of compositions, and overall feel of the images (amongst other factors) can all be personalized to fit your individual style and vision.  That’s why I have each of my couples create a Mood Board demonstrating different aspects of their vision and meet with them ahead of the engagement experience to ensure I fully understand the kinds of images that are most going to speak to them.  This way, we spend our time creating photographs that you’re excited to hang on your wall rather than ones that get glossed over and buried somewhere on a hard drive.  

Kristin and Justin decided to have their engagement session at Homestead Metro Park in Hilliard, Ohio because they love spending time outside and going on walks together, and they live in the area.  During their Mood Board review, they explained that they love lifestyle engagement photos captured in a bright and airy style but aren’t particularly keen on close up portraits.  As such, when we met at Homestead Metro Park on a beautiful spring evening, I told them that I would direct them as necessary but to think of the next hour or so as a chance to enjoy each other’s company in the beauty of nature, as if they were on a date together.  

They took the advice to heart, laughing and joking with one another throughout the experience.  My favorite moment came early on when I told Justin to give Kristin a hug from behind.  I have no idea what prompted the outbreak of laughter that ensued, but after embracing her, both Justin and Kristin started cracking up laughing.  Kristin was worried that they’d ruined the shot, but as Justin noticed, “I heard a ton of clicks coming from the camera, so we must have done something right!”  These authentic moments shine through in the photos, and memory of the joy of the moment makes the images that much more beautiful down the road. 

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I value taking the time to get to know each couple so that I can best tell the story of their love for each other in a manner that feels true to them. Get ready to fill your walls with memories that you will cherish for a lifetime!

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